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Turmeric Milk Tea

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Of course our first recipe blog post has to be our Turmeric Milk Tea recipe!
Why? Because, its so delicious! 
(photo courtesy of my momma)
Okay there are two ways you can make this, the easy way or the easier way! 
Lets start with the easiest way (using innerfuel Turmeric caps): 
  1. Take a cup of non-dairy milk (we prefer coconut but often use almond or our homemade Pepita milk! - recipe to come)
  2. Heat to medium-low and keep it there to simmer (higher heat can cause non-dairy milk to separate)
  3. Twist open one innerfuel Turmeric cap into the non-dairy milk *using the caps can add a bit more spicy heat
  4. Let simmer for a five minutes, stirring regularly 
  5. Remove from heat, carefully pour into a cup
  6. Stir in honey to taste - some prefer more some prefer less. You can always add more after you've tasted it
  7. And enjoy! 
Now, the easy way (with raw ingredients): 
  1. Take a cup of non-dairy milk
  2. Bring milk to boil, then turn down to simmer 
  3. Add raw ingredients into non-dairy milk: 
    • Grate 1tsp - raw, always organic turmeric
    • Grate 1tsp - raw, organic ginger
    • Pinch of Cinnamon 
    • Pinch of Himilayan salt & black pepper
    • Grate a pinch of nutmeg or add a pinch of powder 
    • (optional) pinch of ground coriander 
  4. While simmering, stir frequently for 5 minutes 
  5. Using a wire-strainer pour milk into a cup separating out the bits.
  6. Add your 1tsp honey or more/less to taste - you can add more once you've tried it in the cup
  7. Let cool so not to hot to drink and enjoy! 
Double/triple the recipes if your making for two people or you just want more for yourself.
One thing any turmeric user knows or will know soon is that it STAINS! Beware of yellow fingers! 

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